Top 5 Signs You Have a Sinus Infection

Being sick is never fun. However, there are certain conditions that make life particularly difficult. That means you need some help, and that could come in the form of medication or just treatment at home. Either way, the following symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know that a sinus infection has set in.


Headaches are a common malady, caused by anything from stress to high levels of noise. However, when the headache occurs in the forehead or behind the eyes, that is a sure sign that a sinus infection is beginning to plague your body.

Facial Tenderness

There are four pairs of sinuses, and they are located in the forehead, behind the cheeks, between the eyes and deep behind the eyes. Therefore, your face can feel like it was mildly burned or otherwise be tender to the touch. This is a big red flag that sinus infection is in progress.

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Fevers are not typically very high for a sinus infection. However, they are a difference in temperature from your normal, comfortable 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep that in mind.

Sore Throat

A sore throat can occur because mucus is being over-produced in the sinuses and is dripping down the back of the throat (called post-nasal drip). This is not comfortable and definitely leads to greater pain and minor irritation due to the illness at hand.

Pressure or Pain

Unexplained pain the head and facial area can indicate sinus infection. Narrow down other potential causes and eliminate them to determine if you are dealing with the sinuses.

Working to find the right sinus support regimen can make the difference in your health during the typical sickness season. Look into supplements and vitamins to help you feel better when everyone around you is getting sick. It can really change your overall attitude and enjoyment of holidays and work functions.