Greater Choices for the Best Gift Cards for You

Greater Choices for the Best Gift Cards for You

This is a universal and welcome gift for any occasion and holiday – gift cards of the Land supermarket chain. Please with a pleasant gift to a colleague, friend or partner.

Gift card is a plastic card with a bar code of a fixed denomination, design to pay for purchases in all Land supermarkets. You need to have the Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance then.

  • You can purchase gift cards at all Land supermarkets for cash or with a bank card.
  • The purchase of gift cards does not apply for discount on land discount and accumulative cards.
  • The gift card activate within 2 hours after the receipt of the cash receipt confirming its purchase.
  • An inactivate card is invalid and is not accept for payment.
  • Using the card means the unconditional consent of the Holder with these rules.

The purchase of a card indicates that a contract was conclude between the land supermarket chain.  And the card acquirer, according to which the purchaser has the right to purchase goods for.  An amount equal to the face value of the card from the supermarket assortment and at.  Prices valid on the day the goods were purchased if the amount indicated on the gift card.  Is greater than the value of the selected item, then the cash balance from the card.

Will not return to the cashier the card is intend only for a one-time payment.  And excludes the possibility of receiving cash when it is present when purchasing goods in excess of.  The face value of the card, the buyer makes an additional payment to the full cost.  Of the purchase in cash or using a bank card if during the validity period of the.  Card the buyer does not present a gift card as a payment for the goods, the.

Card will cancel and its value will not return to the purchaser (holder) interest.  On the amount made for the prepaid gift card for the period of its validity and.  Upon its expiry is not charge and not paid.

The  Best of the Validity Period

  • The card bearer and can use by any person once when making a purchase of goods in any of their land supermarkets.
  • The cost of goods purchase using a gift card is cover by a system of discounts provide on discount and accumulative cards of the Land supermarket chain.
  • When using a gift card, there are promotions and programs of Land supermarkets held at the time of its presentation.


Greater Choices for the Best Gift Cards for YouA gift card exchange is possible only if the barcode and / or magnetic strip damage and it is impossible to read them upon presentation of a receipt for the purchase of a gift card.